Spots be Gone!

The general population has only recently begun to emerge from the days of the “healthy tan.” While I was growing up in Detroit, Michigan, we had maybe three months of sun. Let me tell you that I made the most of it, even going against my wise mother’s warnings of wrinkles and freckles. I admit to using baby oil and aluminum foil to achieve that “perfect tan”. Unfortunately, even after I had an epiphany and realized that sun avoidance is the best path to healthy, beautiful and cancer-free skin, my realization comes after decades of overexposure. Sun-induced hyper pigmentation most often presents as sporadic freckling that appears on the highly exposed areas of the face, chest, arms and legs. So now, I have more “spots” or hyperpigmentation than a Dalmatian.

My quest to rid my face and body of these unsightly freckles has begun. The important exfoliation and cell turnover was my first step. For my face, I started with the Vi Peel for extreme exfoliation and IPL (photo facials) to aid in decreasing excess surface pigmentation. I have starting using PCA’s Pigment Serum and Avene’s Retrinal +0.1 to help even out my skin tone. For my chest, arms and lower legs, I have regular PCA Body Smoothing Peels and IPL (photo facials) and use PCA Body Therapy with 20% Lactic Acid.

Let me stress, the most important products I use EVERYDAY are PCA Perfecting Protecting SPF 30 for the face and Glytone Suncare Protect SPF 40 Waterproof lotion for the body. The question I keep asking myself is “Why didn’t I listen to my mother?”