Double Chin

In the last few months, we have dramatically increased our use of Kybella.  This product is for the fat under the chin, also known as a “double chin” or “turkey neck”.

Kybella is the first and only FDA-approved injectable drug that improves the appearance of submental fullness. Kybella treats submental fat that is often caused by aging, genetics, and weight gain – giving you back a more youthful and harmonious facial appearance.

Since our usage has increased dramatically, we have clinical results available which means we have experience.  It is a fabulous treatment and to date no one has had any complaints.  The side effects are minimal, short lived, and has not caused anyone to avoid a second or third treatment.  It is especially well tolerated because after 2 to 4 treatments, you never have to do it again! You’ll look younger and feel better without having to do double chin surgery.

Kybella is on special for $500/vial at our Annual Shopping Party and Skin Care Event on Thursday, November 10th, 3:00 – 7:30 pm. Click here to RSVP!