When should I start a preventative care skin routine?

Throughout my career I have been asked countless times, “When should I start using retinol, getting Botox, getting preventative treatment, etc.? And on the other hand I had women stating “Oh I’ll start that when I’m in my 40’s, I’m too young for that, injections are for when you get older, I’ll start using an eye cream when I’m older.” And to sum up these statements, its never too early to care for your skin PERIOD!

Like anything, caring for your skin looks different for everyone. Because everyone’s skin is different and everyone’s goals are different. Base line care for everyone’s skin should however be the same. Using appropriate skincare. Cleanse, moisturize, treat/repair, SPF, eye cream.
Does it have to be a lavish 286 step routine? No way! But caring for your skin should start at a young age.

Examples of great staple products are:
Epionce Milky Lotion Cleanser
Elta MD Clear SPF
Neocutis Lumiere
Epionce Renewal Facial Moisturizer
Neocutis Bio Serum
Neocutis Nouvelle

We’ve all read the stats. As women we start losing collagen in our 20’s. Our elasticity decreases as we enter our 30’s. Our body decreases production of hyaluronic acid as we enter our 40’s. So with that being said, preventative care should start in our 20’s.

Like I mentioned before, establishing a proper at home skin care is key. And that looks different for everyone. If you are one that has been blessed without having any skin issues, using “any old skincare” isn’t helping you in the long run. Start by establishing a relationship with a licensed medical aesthetician to receive the proper care in regards to maintaining your healthy skin through preventative treatments such as Hydrafacial, Microdermabrasion and BBL to name a few as well as the correct skincare routine.

What happens when we don’t take the right action in preventative skin care over the years? Let’s paint a picture. Like many of us in our younger years, sunscreen was just not a “thing”. So by not protecting our skin from the UV rays at a young age, that creates sun damage that has accumulated over time. Every sunburn we have received at a young age damages the skin on a cellular level. Not necessarily visible to the naked eye. That damage lays dormant in the skin for years. As we get older we will start to notice hyperpigmentation start to pop up over time. Even existing hyperpigmentation or freckles may appear bigger or darker. Does this sound familiar? Looking in the mirror one day “Huh, that wasn’t there last week.” Or “Well that looks bigger/darker”. That is due to the damage our skin endured during our younger years. With that being said, correcting these concerns will be extensive. From a cosmetic stand point and a medical stand point. Making sure that the damage doesn’t become precancerous or turn into skin cancer.

The same applies to other aspects of skin. Not using an eye cream for years and years, and then finally getting on the bandwagon trying to “erase” years of untreated fine lines. Even not using a moisturizer can dry the skin and cause the oil glands to over produce to “make” moisture, which will just sit under the skin and cause shine, clogged pores and acne.

There are studies that show receiving Botox or a form of toxin in your 20’s can slow down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is 100% true. The best way I like to explain how this works is take 2 pieces of paper and fold them in half. Unfold one and rub the crease until its faded and set that one aside, that one is the “Botox paper”. By stopping the folding, that line won’t get deeper over time since the folding has stopped. Just like getting Botox and freezing those muscles to stop making those similar movements creating lines. Take the other piece of paper and keep folding it over and over. That’s the movement you’ve made over and over creating creases that get deeper and deeper over time. Those creases will take longer to fade once you start getting Botox.

The preventative care of your skin starts with simple acts of care. Skin is not a one size fits all. The providers at Blume Skin and Body are the leading experts in everything skin. From the perfect at home regiment, to regularly scheduled microdermabrasion’s, chemical peels, laser treatments and injections. Their knowledge and expertise will make you feel extremely comfortable in making the perfect decision for your skin.


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