Your Holiday Check List

As the holidays are fast approaching, we begin the ritual of making lists. Gift lists, grocery lists, honey-do lists. Your holiday list will help keep you organized, on task, and focused on your goals. Gifts for family…check New dress…check, check Skin looking flawless and fabulous… We tend to forget that taking time for ourselves should definitely warrant top priority on … Read More

Join us on Facebook and Twitter

We are excited about Facebook and Twitter- what amazing ways to share our news about The Blume Skin Centre with our patients. We are all contributing to the sites. Our patients are visiting our website, and learning about our practice, about us and about the many procedures and products we offer. Join us on Facebook and Twitter! Get to … Read More

Why see a Doctor for Injections

There are a few important reasons to see a physician for injections such as Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, or Radiesse. Almost anyone with good hands can be taught to inject. The difference comes in the technique and the technique comes from knowing and understanding the anatomy. How muscles and nerves work as well as understanding the layers and anatomy of the … Read More

Spots be Gone!

The general population has only recently begun to emerge from the days of the “healthy tan.” While I was growing up in Detroit, Michigan, we had maybe three months of sun. Let me tell you that I made the most of it, even going against my wise mother’s warnings of wrinkles and freckles. I admit to using baby oil and … Read More

The Perfect Patient

The perfect patient is not the one who spends the most money; it’s the one who leaves the office most satisfied. That’s the patient who returns regularly. Just like when I was in family practice, we don’t sell product we deliver service. Our patients are like friends and family. We know when a baby is born, a parent is sick; … Read More

Perfect lips by Dr Blume

I have the privilege of watching Dr Blume work his magic on a daily basis. His injection techniques are flawless…and yesterday was my turn. One of the “benefits” of being my age are those tiny lines around the mouth. Not too deep but enough to bother me. After applying a topical to numb this area, Dr Blume used Juvederm Ultra XC … Read More

We are all Atwitter about Twitter!

A fabulous thing happened this afternoon at our office! We are officially on Twitter! Dr Blume, Sandra and I expanded our horizons, stepped out of our comfort zone and became bonified members of Twitter. And just before we got too comfortable, we officially christened our Facebook page. We invite you to join us on Twitter and Facebook! And thank you … Read More

An Evening with Latisse & Liam

Sandra Caldwell and I had the pleasure of spending an informative evening with Liam Hyland, our Allergan Business Development Manager, learning more about Latisse, the first and only approved treatment that is indicated to treat hypotrichosis of the eye lashes by increasing their growth, including length, thickness, and darkness. In simple English, we love Latisse! Our patients love Latisse! It … Read More

Injection Training for Providers

It’s been five years since I started training for Allergan, maker of Botox, Latisse, and Juvederm. I still like it as much as when I first started. I like to teach so much that I have developed my own training program as well. Teaching is not new to me as I have taught a business course for medical students at … Read More

Acne Solutions

  Acne is a result of hyperkertinization, increased bacterial load, increased sebum production and inflammation. The Blume Acne Care Treatment attacks acne at all four levels successfully. The first step in treating acne is to have the patient on a proven at-home acne fighting skin care system. The Blume Skin Centre offers the following skin care lines: Avene, Glytone, PCA, … Read More