Injection Considerations

There are things you can do to reduce the possibility of bruising after injections. Stop all medications like aspirin, ibuprofen and fish oils 5 days before your appointment. Check with your doctor before stopping any medications. Applying Arnica Montana following injections or taking small oral doses a few days before and after can also help. Please contact Blume Skin & Body for additional instructions if you are concerned with bruising.

Dental work to weeks before or planned to occur within two weeks after dermal fillers or PDO threads may increase the chance of bacterial infections. Please keep this in mind prior to scheduling your appointment.

Flying on an airplane within 24 hours of injections may cause swelling due to the change in cabin pressure. While not a serious side effect, you may be unhappy with the results until the swelling goes down.

Ice always helps with swelling. Apply for 10 minutes every 30-45 minutes for best results. It is also best to avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours post injections due to the possibility of swelling.

For any other questions please call our office at 480-699-7999.