The Mommy Refresher is a Non-Surgical Mommy Makeover in Scottsdale for post baby or any women looking to turn back time. This package includes Coolsculpting & Venus Legacy as well as Pollogen R/F MicroNeedling.

How to Get Rid of Stretched Skin After Pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth are transformative and beautiful experiences. They are perhaps some of the most rewarding parts of a woman’s life. However, the body undergoes a huge physical transition, and many women are left with stretch marks and scars. While these “imperfections” are reminders of new life brought into the world, new moms might feel self-conscious of their bodies after giving birth. It’s completely natural to feel this way, and fortunately, there are ways to reclaim your body.

One way you can restore your pre-pregnancy figure is through a Mommy Makeover or “Refresher.” This comprehensive treatment involves a combination of custom procedures that target areas of the body affected by pregnancy, such as the stomach and breasts. Whether you want to fix scarring, stretch marks or a post-partum stomach, a Mommy Lift can help tighten your belly after pregnancy and improve cosmetic concerns.

A Mommy Makeover offers numerous benefits for new moms. It can help you achieve your aesthetic goals and restore self-confidence, so you can feel like yourself again. Moreover, you can have multiple procedures done at one time, which reduces the hassles of scheduling and recovering. Say goodbye to bulges of fat, flabby skin and loose muscles.

What Does a Mommy Makeover Entail?

A Mommy Makeover is designed to enhance the appearance of a woman’s body after giving birth. This treatment package is fully customizable to your goals and needs.

  • Coolsculpting
    • Coolsculpting Treatments for Upper and Lower Abdomen Fat Reduction
    • This non-surgical procedure freezes fat cells so your body can naturally eliminate them
    • Effective treatment for extra stomach flab, love handles on the waist and back, excess chin fat, and more
  • CoolTone by CoolSculpting
    • An FDA cleared, non-surgical way to tone and strengthen the abs, glutes and thighs
  • Venus Legacy
    • 8 Skin Tightening Treatments
    • This non-invasive procedure uses radio frequency and magnetic pulses to tighten saggy skin and give you a more contoured shape
    • Effective treatment for the abdomen, arms, face and neck
  • Pollogen R/F MicroNeedling
    • Stretch mark reduction and scar revision
    • During treatment, fine micro-pins use radiofrequency microneedling to penetrate the dermal layer of the skin, which stimulates the body to produce new collagen and elastin
    • Targets stretch marks, scarring, fine lines, sun damage and more on the face and body

Trust Blume Skin & Body for Mommy Makeover Treatments

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