April is Rosacea Awareness Month!

Posted on April 08, 2021 by Dr. Blume in Articles

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April is Rosacea awareness month and we are going to breakdown Rosacea and some treatments and products that can help!

Rosacea. What is it? Why does it happen? What is the best way to treat it? Unfortunately, rosacea affects an estimated 16 million Americans. It is chronic, but treatable and will worsen over time if it is left untreated. Fortunately, there are several avenues people can go to for relief. There are topical skin treatments, laser treatments, microneedling and lifestyle changes.

Rosacea (roh-ZAY-sha) is a common skin condition that causes visible blood vessels and redness in your face. It can also be combined with small, red, pus-filled bumps. It is common for the signs and symptoms to last several weeks to months and then disappear for a while. People who struggle with this condition also have a tendency to blush or flush more easily than other people. This redness is most commonly on the nose and cheeks, forehead and chin. However, it can spread to the ears, chest and back. According to the National Rosacea Society, “Studies have shown that over time the redness tends to become ruddier and more persistent, and visible blood vessels may appear. Left untreated, inflammatory bumps and pimples often develop, and in severe cases – particularly in men – the nose may grow swollen and bumpy from excess tissue.” There are several signs and symptoms of rosacea. The first category is diagnostic signs, persistent redness and skin thickening. The second category are major signs of rosacea, which are flushing, bumps and pimples, visible blood vessels and eye irritation. The third category is secondary signs and symptoms, which may appear with one or more of the diagnostic or major signs. These are burning or stinging sensations on the face, swelling or dryness.

Rosacea exampleTreatment for rosacea varies from individual to individual. Blume Skin & Body has some tried and true ways to help with rosacea. The first is an IPL/BBL Photofacial treatment. The light energy delivered by this BBL treatment gently heats the upper layers of your skin, which stimulates your skin cells to regenerate. This treatment is tailored to match your skin type and desired results. The IPL/BBL encourages the growth of collagen to replace damaged skin and heal skin conditions. The conditions that may be helped with regular treatments are acne, rosacea, pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles. How does the BBL/IPL laser affect Rosacea? It breaks up the vessels and building collagen. It is important to note that each patient is different and will respond differently so it is important to receive a complimentary consultation with Blume Skin & Body before any treatment. The BBL/IPL laser will not cure rosacea, but the symptoms can be managed with consistent treatments. It is best to have a series of three to six treatments spaced four to six weeks apart. From there you can determine how often you need to return for maintenance treatments. Remember, rosacea is chronic and uncurable. It is best to find a maintenance plan that works for you and stick with it.

Rosacea Face MapFinding a skin care routine is also an important part of managing rosacea. If you have rosacea you should be using a mild or gentle cleanser twice a day. We really like the Gentle Foaming Cleanser from Epionce, the Gentle Cleanser from ZO Skin Health or the Wonder Falls from Valmont. These cleansers will gently cleanse the skin without any harsh irritants. Always use lukewarm water and blot your face dry. Never use a rough washcloth or pull or tug on your skin. If you have rosacea you should never use scrubs or any exfoliants. The next step in your routine would be a serum to help reduce the appearance of redness. Our favorites are the DNA Repair Serum from Valmont or Rozatrol from ZO Skin Health. Both of these products will help protect the skin and boost collagen production.


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