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Posted on August 26, 2011 by Dr. Blume in Blog

Welcome to our Blume Skin Centre Blog. As most of you know, we here at the Skin Centre have had a few exciting months. In a nutshell, we have:

– Closed Parkway Medical Laser & Skin Centre

– Opened the next day as The Blume Skin Centre

– Found and moved to a new location within 30 days

– Purchased all new lasers, equipment and furnishings, set up all new accounts and started seeing patients immediately.

– Hired a fabulous new aesthetician, Sandra Caldwell, who jumped right in and established herself as a true leader

– Learned soon after opening that Dr Blume would be taking an extended leave for a triple bypass- what’s the saying, “Go big or go home”.  For his first surgery ever, he certainly chose to “go big”!

– Learned that we have the most amazing support group in our skin care family- Dr Jennifer McMahon volunteered every Wednesday afternoon and saw Dr Blume’s patients. For over a month. Pure class. Our amazing patients who called on a daily basis, offering kind words and support. Our reps, Liam, Megan, Heather, Alicia, Brian, Cathy, Claudia, Larry, Kathy, Adrian, Angela,  who went above and beyond in supporting  Sandra and myself. Mackenzie, our most talented Office Assistant, who always has a smile on her face. Our true friends at Parkway Medical who remained steadfast in their support of our new practice, despite the separation of practices. Our families, who never wavered in their support and encouragement during the hectic months-Toni, Becky, Aaron, Lia, Mike, Daniel, Darcy, Keith, Matt and Tommy.

– Oops! Almost forgot. We also managed to squeeze in a 3 week visit to Australia, a trip to San Diego, a family trip to Montana and a restful week at home.

Now we get to plan for our future. I invite you to join us on this exciting adventure as we blog about the growth and nurturing of our shiny and new Blume Skin Centre. We are truly in every sense, a family, all working together, laughing together, supporting each other. I have always jokingly described our practice as small but mighty. Little did I know then that no words could describe us better.  We will all contribute to this blog,  sharing our excitement about new treatments, excellent outcomes and all the laughter and tears that make us who we are- The Blume Skin Centre



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