Prevention, Maintenance, or Augmentation?

When it comes to wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers there is no shortage of options! We have many different products and approaches to help you achieve your optimal result. At Blume Skin and Body our goal is always to listen to your concerns, present you with all of your options, give you recommendations and realistic expectations, and create the results … Read More

New Beauty Awards 2020

New Beauty Awards 2020   I always look forward to the spring and the beauty awards. The thought of combing through thousands of products and procedures in search of the holy grail is overwhelming.  Each year hundreds of new product lines enter the skin care and treatment market.  I applaud these editors for all the time and effort that testing … Read More

Exfoliation 101: Physical vs Chemical

We all know that exfoliating the skin is something we should be doing for skin health, but figuring out the frequency, method and techniques can be overwhelming. There are so many benefits to exfoliation other than just achieving that instant soft glow. It can help with acne, aging and several different medical skin conditions. The skin has a natural exfoliation … Read More

Are you looking for a facial rejuvenation treatment without downtime?

    Are you looking for a facial rejuvenation treatment without downtime? ResurFX Erbium Laser Blume Skin & Body has an Erbium Laser by Lumenis called ResurFx. This erbium laser is fractional non-ablative skin resurfacing. Fractional lasers emit thousands of tiny micro-beams that injure a fraction of the skin. Non-ablative lasers create channels of heat into the skin that are … Read More

CoolSculpting & CoolTone – New Decade New You

    CoolSculpting We all have made our New Year’s resolutions and vowing to stay true to our goals in this new decade 2020. What can you do when stubborn fat just won’t bulge? Coolsculpting can help take you further to reach your body goals. It’s called stubborn fat for a reason: no matter how much you eat healthy and … Read More

PhotoFacial – Beautiful Skin with the Power of Light

The term PhotoFacial is used to describe a skin treatment with light therapy that addresses the following skin conditions: age spots, sun damage, rosacea, broken capillaries and dull skin tone. It can also help with Ocular Rosacea & Dry Eye. Depending on the technology that is used, the term IPL – Intense Pulsed Light or BBL – Broad Band Light … Read More

Photofractional – The 3 in 1 treatment!

  Photofractional is a perfect treatment for someone looking to treat a wide range of skin concerns. The Lumenis M-22 is a treatment we do at Blume Skin & Body that will target three signs of aging plus build collagen in just one appointment! Its main focus is treating pigmentation, sun damage, Rosacea, and skin tightening with the overall improvement … Read More

NATIONAL BOTOX DAY! November 20th 2019!

  November 20th 2019 has been designated as the official “National Botox Day” and Blume Skin & Body in Scottsdale, Arizona is having a Botox party! Help us celebrate this fun new National Botox Day with Free Botox! This is event is the perfect time to be fabulous and wrinkle free for the holidays and new year. You have probably … Read More

Reducing Common Complications After Injections

Having facial injections, dermal fillers, PDO threads or even Botox may lead to adverse outcomes, although almost all are minor and go away shortly. Swelling, Bruising and Redness are all simple events and although minor, can be annoying. Here are some tips to limit some of these issues. – If you have an important event within 7-10 days proceed with … Read More

My Laser Hair Journey

  As an eleven-year-old girl who had just switched schools, I had a boy approach me, pinch at my arm hair and loudly call me a gorilla in the crowded cafeteria. See, I am very pale with incredibly thick, dark hair. This is fine for the top of my head, but rather unfortunate everywhere else. I was crushed by this … Read More