What are the benefits of Oxygen Facials?


What are the benefits of Oxygen Facials? And how to pick the most effective treatment at Blume Skin & Body Oxygen facials are no stranger to the aesthetics industry. They claim to help improve blood circulation, which plumps the skin and makes it appear brighter. Fight acne, and accelerate wound healing, as well as kill certain bacteria. But are Oxygen … Read More

Do I need a skincare system?

What does skin care product cocktailing mean? So much skincare, how to choose the best concoction for your skin care concerns? With skincare cocktailing you can mix premium skin product brands to design the perfect skincare routine for you. What skincare products can I mix together safely? Here is a general rule of thumb with choosing skincare products according to … Read More

Men and Skincare

When it comes to men and skincare, the bare minimum is the motto that most men stand by. Much like their lifestyle, no fuss wardrobe, simplified workouts and 3-minute hair styles. But a splash of water in the morning and out the door isn’t enough for the everyday guy. Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated. But for many it can … Read More

But the sun dries out my acne…

The year is 2002, you have a party to attend in a few weeks and you have been dealing with acne for months. Being unbelievably fed up is an understatement. Your best friend suggests going tanning or laying in the sun to dry up your acne. The thought of getting a little tan is enticing too. Having a little color … Read More

5 Habits to Fabulous Skin!

5 Habits to Fabulous Skin: The instagram filter look can mess with our heads majorly. It projects an unachievable goal to not only young girls, but to grown adults too! While we are all trying to raise our daughters with lessons of self love, body positivity and plain old acceptance. There’s no denying we all STILL want to have awesome … Read More

Should my skincare routine change when I get pregnant?

Should my skincare routine change when I get pregnant? Everything changes when you get pregnant. LITERALLY. So when you get pregnant, all sorts of fun thing start to happen. You now become responsible for that tiny peanut that now lives inside of you. So what you eat, drink, and put on your skin can affect that little peanut. Is this … Read More

Is Hyaluronic Acid worth the hype?

Is Hyaluronic Acid worth the hype? Anyone that has either started a new skincare journey, or is just obsessed with skincare has heard of Hyaluronic Acid. It makes headlines as a key component of a daily skincare routine. If you have been contemplating on whether or not to add HA into your skincare arsenal, here is your sign that it … Read More

How do I know if microneedling or laser is right for me?

How do I know if microneedling or laser is right for me? You ask your friend for advice, and she’ll tell you her sisters old room mates cousin did laser and she had great results, but she was a treating something totally different than what you are interested in. Then your favorite influencer you follow says to use a microneedling … Read More

Why is my skin so sensitive?

My skin so sensitive? Sensitive skin is so common. Something I have heard throughout my ENTIRE career. “My skin is so sensitive”, “I’m scared to try new products because my skin I so sensitive”, “I can only use ____ because my skin is so sensitive”. The question is, what are the common denominators? What products are you using? Are you … Read More

When should I start a preventative care skin routine?

Throughout my career I have been asked countless times, “When should I start using retinol, getting Botox, getting preventative treatment, etc.? And on the other hand I had women stating “Oh I’ll start that when I’m in my 40’s, I’m too young for that, injections are for when you get older, I’ll start using an eye cream when I’m older.” … Read More