Beautiful Eyes by Lumenis


The Beautiful Eyes Treatment is an innovative treatment to reduce skin inflammation and redness around and under the eyes caused by conditions like: Rosacea, Dry Eye, and Allergy Eyes. Lumenis has been working with the top laser Dermatologists, Dr. Roland Toyos and Dr. Laura Periman, to get this treatment FDA authorized.. The light pulses penetrate the delicate under eye tissue to create heat. This heat targets the abnormal vessels that are the root cause of the inflammation. By closing and reducing the feeder blood vessels this allows the tear glands to be more productive and less irritated. This treatment results in brighter less tired looking eyes!

This treatment has no downtime and has the same contraindications and restrictions as our regular PhotoFacial.  This protocol can be added to any BBL or IPL, it is only an additional two passes under the eyes with the circle adapter. This procedure does require regular maintenance treatments which will depend on the severity of the patients’ issues.

■ Optimal energy with no-spike consistency
■ Precise energy setting
■ Controlled energy delivery
■ Customized to fit delicate facial areas
■ Facilitates reach for maximum efficiency
■ Minimal patient discomfort

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