Moxi & Photofacial Treatments

Posted on February 16, 2022 by Dr. Blume in Facial

Moxi Laser and Photofacial Treatments – the perfect treatment for everybody

Photofacials have been a trending topic amidst the aesthetic and beauty world for many years and have been recently gaining even more popularity. This treatment was invented in the 90’s and it has come a long way, PhotoFacial, IPL and BBL are all terms for light energy delivered safely to the skin. At Blume Skin & Body, we are no strangers to photofacials, our office has the Lumenis M22 IPL, Sciton Joule BBL and two Sciton Mjoules with in motion BBL and the MOXI laser. Our expert Certified Laser Technichians have been able to offer many more options in terms of light and laser treatments to lift pigment, smooth out wrinkles, get rid of unwanted texture, and clear blemishes for the face and body. Read on to learn more about the different treatment options available with this one machine and which one may be right for you!

IPL/BBL Photofacial Treatments
One of the newest treatments available is BBL with the Sciton Mjoule. Many patients are familiar with the IPL (or Intense Pulsed Light) treatment, and the BBL Photofacial is very similar with the updated Broad Band Light technology. At Blume Skin & Body, the BBL Photofacial is our most popular treatment because it covers a wide array of our clients’ concerns. In Arizona especially, the sun causes so much damage to the skin, resulting in collagen destruction, added wrinkles, sun spots, and broken capillaries – all of which the BBL, IPL Photofacial can treat.

Photofacials produce amazing results for those battling pigmentation issues, including sun damage, rosacea, acne scarring, and more. Interestingly enough, photofacials have also been shown to treat dry eyes because it reduces inflammation and vascular activity around the tear duct. The Lumenis M22 IPL has gotten FDA Clearance for this amazing treatment to help with inflammation and dry eye. Check out the information on the Beautiful Eyes Treatment on our website for more information.

The Photofacial is quick, comfortable and produces amazing results from the first treatment. Patients will experience a bit of redness and perhaps swelling on day one, which will reduce quickly and in the following days, dark spots will begin to lift from the face and eventually slough away.

The BBL Photofacial is recommended to be done in a series of three, with each treatment being done four weeks apart. After the initial three treatments, patients will only need to do the treatment every 6 to twelve months for maintenance, depending on their skin and lifestyle.

Forever Body BBL
The Sciton Mjoule also allows us to recreate the stunning results of a Photofacial all over the body with the Forever Body BBL. Chest, arms, shoulders, legs and more can all be treated with ease because of the in-motion attachments on the Mjoule machine. The Forever Body BBL treatment is comfortable and quick, with little downtime, just like Photofacials!

Also recommended in a series of three treatments, the Forever Body BBL can help reduce vascular issues, redness, and dark spots to improve signs of aging anywhere on the body. Results are seen within 2 – 4 weeks.

Forever Clear BBL
Over 50% of Americans struggle with acne, but with Forever Clear BBL treatments, acne can be controlled without the use of topical creams or prescriptions. This treatment can also be done with the Sciton Mjoule, Lumenis M22 or Sciton Joule, and utilizes three different wavelengths of light to kill p.acne bacteria that causes breakouts, calm down redness and reduce inflammation. Patients who struggle with acne can receive these treatments 1 – 2 times a week and will begin to see results soon. Multiple treatments will most likely be needed, but fortunately these treatments are quick, comfortable and do not require any downtime!

Moxi + BBL Photofacial
The BBL Photofacial treatments have excellent results with little downtime, but it does have a few limitations. Those with certain skin conditions like Melasma, or darker skin tones would not be a candidate for the BBL treatments. However, that is where the Moxi laser treatment comes into play! The Moxi treatment is unique because it is safe for all skin types, allowing the providers at Blume Skin & Body to treat even more patients.

The Moxi Laser treatment is a 1927 true laser that can help even out tone and texture of skin, induce collagen production, decrease pore size, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and the Moxi can even picks up on complicated pigment that the Photofacial may miss.

This treatment can be done in combination with the BBL treatment, creating a super-powerful light and laser treatment. However, for those who aren’t a candidate for the BBL treatment, the Moxi can be done on its’ own and still provides great anti-aging, preventative care that is perfect for everybody.

Learn more about our IPL, BBL, Moxi and combination treatments by viewing our website, or set up a free consultation today to finally see clear, rejuvenated and radiant skin!


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