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The 3D Collagen Boost is the perfect anti-aging package to treat collagen loss on three different levels. This minimally-invasive procedure for healthy skin includes 3 procedures and products for a reduced price of $5,200!

What is Collagen?

Collagen is an important naturally occurring protein in healthy skin. One of many types of connective tissues, it gives your skin its youthful glow, elasticity, and firm quality. When we’re young, we have plentiful amounts of collagen, but as we age, collagen production decreases. This, combined with sun damage and the effects of gravity, causes what we know as signs of aging – wrinkles, sagging, and more.

Although many people opt for surgery to reverse signs of aging, boosting collagen production is an increasingly popular alternative. Non-surgical skin tightening has become more and more advanced, allowing us to restore collagen without incisions or downtime. Enhanced collagen production can come in the form of cosmetic treatments like collagen induction therapy, dermal fillers, and skincare products, all designed to create new collagen and improve natural collagen levels. The best part is, this occurs naturally and is an essential part of any anti-aging approach.

What is 3D Collagen Boost?

The 3D Collagen Boost is a collagen boosting treatment that combines three skin rejuvenation treatments designed to enhance natural collagen production and improve overall skin health. It’s a completely non-surgical way to enhance facial volume for healthy looking skin. It also offers a completely customized treatment plan for beautiful skin. The 3D Collagen Boost includes:

1. Ultherapy

Ultherapy functions as a non-surgical facelift that improves skin elasticity and collagen levels in the face and neck. Using ultrasonic energy, Ultherapy eliminates sagging jowls, deep facial folds, and loose skin on treatment areas like the cheeks, forehead, and eyes. It’s generally safe and effective for any skin tone and skin type and allows you to return to normal activities right away.

2. Radiesse

With the 3D collagen boost package, you receive 2 syringes of Radiesse – the only structural dermal filler that can treat volume loss and stimulate collagen production. Radiesse improves the appearance of deep fine lines and wrinkles such as nasolabial folds and smile lines. It can also be very effective for signs of aging like vertical lip lines as well as filling in depressed acne scars. It can even fill in hollowed areas on the back of your hands! Traditional hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers can provide youthful volume, but they don’t treat the underlying cause of collagen loss like Radiesse does.

3. Neocutis MicroFirm Neck Cream

The MicroFirm Neck Cream from Neocutis can boost collagen production and adds moisture to the skin by supporting the production of hyaluronic acid. This dermatologist-recommended skincare product will improve skin texture and elasticity, restore collagen, smooth wrinkles, and provide a variety of benefits for all skin types.

3D Collagen Boost Benefits

  • Immediate and gradual improvements
  • Lifted, more youthful appearance
  • Stimulates collagen
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What to Expect

First, your skin specialist will discuss your cosmetic goals to determine your target areas for Ultherapy and Radiesse. During treatment, we will start with Ultherapy which uses a handheld non-invasive device to deliver powerful ultrasonic energy to your skin. Next, Radiesse will be injected with a fine needle in the treatment areas, adding volume and improving the appearance of deep facial lines and wrinkles. Your treatment will be completed with an application of the MicroFirm Neck Cream.

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3D Collagen Boost Results and Recovery

There is minimal downtime after the 3D Collagen Boost treatment. Minor redness, swelling, and bruising are common but will subside within a few days or less. To minimize swelling, avoid direct sun exposure and apply a cold compress as needed.

Rebuilding collagen is a process that takes time, but this also means you will have natural-looking results that build gradually. You will start to see lifted, firmer skin after 3-6 months and these results last for years! The collagen synthesis slows down the aging process to eliminate sagging skin and wrinkles, rejuvenating your youthful appearance.

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