Smooth Clear Skin with Lumenis M-22

Posted on August 09, 2018 by Dr. Blume in Blog

There are many treatments out there that treat different signs of aging. Finding the right treatment for you can seem complicated, especially if you have multiple concerns you would like to address. The Lumenis M-22 is a treatment we do at Blume Skin & Body that will target three signs of aging plus build collagen in one appointment! We call this treatment the Photofractional and its main focus is treating pigmentation, sun damage, Rosacea, and skin tightening with the overall improvement in texture.

How can one device address all of those issues? Well, it is a combination of IPL with the first true fractional non ablative technology that gives you an effective result with just one pass. We can customize this treatment using either technologies or both depending on what your skin needs. With the use of topical numbing, the Photofractional treatment has very minimal discomfort. Most of our patients do a series of 3 treatments scheduled 4-6 weeks apart. Another reason our patient’s love this treatment is that it has very minimal downtime, with only a few days of being light pink.

One of my favorite ways to use the ReSurFX fractional portion of this treatment is to minimize stretch marks! Stretch marks are created by tearing, down to the dermis and this is why they can be hard to treat and downright frustrating!  With ReSurFX, we can control the spot size and precisely trace over the stretch mark to cause a boost in collagen, which creates an effective result in eliminating those stubborn marks. Not only have our clients seen amazing results, I personally have treated my stretch marks and have been blow away by the results!

We are constantly looking for ways to give you the best results with the least amount of downtime and discomfort so you can go back to your busy schedule looking even more fabulous. We highly recommend adding the Valmont Collagen Mask at the end of this treatment to speed up your healing time. This rejuvenating mask is 100% pure medical grade collagen which has extreme healing properties as well as firming ingredients to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles immediately post treatment. This is a must try! With the two post procedure makeup lines we have; Colorescience and Oxygenetix, we can camouflage any redness you may have post treatment and you can jump back into your daily routine with beautiful skin!

Schedule an appointment in August for 20% off the treatment plus treat your neck for free!


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