Treatments For the Décolleté

Posted on April 18, 2014 by Dr. Blume in Skin Tips and Treatments

Décolleté is defined as the top of a woman’s dress that reveals the chest and part of the breast but is sometimes used to define the bare chest above the dress top.

With Spring and Summer only a few “degrees” away from hot, it is time to improve the area below the neck and be ready to “show it off”.  Using Venus Freeze, Ultherapy, Botox, and dermal fillers for the face and neck, we sometimes forget about the chest.  Now there are things, we at the Blume Skin Centre, can do to improve that area.  Photofacial, BBL, IPL to get rid of sun damage is a simple and relatively painless method to transform the décolleté.  Additionally Pixel non-ablative treatments can smooth the skin.

One of the most dramatic changes can be accomplished with Sculptra.  Sculptra, or PLLA, is a volumizer which is injected used to fill, lift, and smooth the skin.  Mostly used on the face, advanced injectors have the skill to use this product elsewhere.  With a few treatments, the wrinkling skin can be transformed to smooth skin by removing the crepe frequently found.  This treatment can last up to two years.

A short consult can easily tell you the results you may achieve using one or a combination of these treatments.  Call for an appointment when you are ready for a consultation.





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