4 Easy Steps to Apply your Sunscreen

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Summer is here which means there are so many summer traditions to unload! BBQ’s,
fireworks, camp fires, swimming everyday, sunshine and…. sunburns? Who can remember
growing up and getting at least 1 nasty sunburn each summer? I bet you raised your hand
huh? Let’s keep all our favorite summer traditions and scrap that last one shall we? Keep
reading to make this summer (and every day) carefree and sunburn free.

Sunscreen is Preventative Skincare

We all know the importance of sunscreen. It helps to fight against precancerous and
cancerous cells (skin cancer). Sunscreen helps to fight signs of aging, hyperpigmentation,
broken capillaries, the break down of collagen and so much more. I’m not here to act like your
mother and wave my finger and yell “MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR SUNSCREEN ON!”, (well
maybe a little). The truth is, any form of sun exposure equals to sun damage. Read that again.
Any form of sun exposure equals to sun damage. The UV rays are all around us, even when
we’re inside sitting next to a window. So making sure we are PROPERLY protected is incredibly
important. Let’s cover our bases.

What’s the Difference Between Chemical and Physical Sunscreen?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor which is how the protection is measured. The
higher the SPF number the better the protection. This has been common place for years. A few
common ingredients found in higher SPF numbered sunscreens are avobenzone and parsol
1789. This is considered a chemical sunscreen. This was extremely popular in the 1990’s and
early 2000’s. The other type of sunscreen is physical sunscreen. These typically contain zinc
and/or titanium dioxide. These ingredients act as more of a shield towards the UV rays. Both
types of sunscreen will absorb the UV rays, however the physical sunscreen will reflect the UV
rays making it a more effective option.

4 easy ways to apply sunscreen

How to Apply SPF Correctly

Now that we have broken down the differences in sunscreens, let’s apply the right way!

1. The average person needs about an ounce (2 tbs) for a fully body application. Since
physical sunscreens contains more mineral based ingredients, the consistency will be
slightly more dense. But remember, the protection will be more thorough. This is important
in application! Making sure that you are properly covered is key.

2. Apply from head to toe. That’s right! Every square inch of your body needs to be covered in
order to be protected. We know the basics – face, neck, shoulders, arms, back, legs and
feet. But what about the places we commonly forget?
STOMACH, UNDER THE BATHING SUIT AREAS, AND SCALP. If an area of the body is left
without sunscreen, there is an increased risk of sunburns and sun damage.

3. Let your sunscreen absorb for 15 minutes before going outside. Since a physical sunscreen
has better ingredients, why not apply and hit the road? There is a level of absorption that any
sunscreen has to do in order for it to be the most effective.
– Pro tip: apply you sunscreen nude (that way you won’t miss a spot), get dressed, then
pack for the day, and you’re ready to go!

4. As stated above, pick a sunscreen containing a high percentage of zinc and/or titanium dioxide. Just
like medical-grade skincare, it’s the ingredients in the product that does the work to get you the
results. Not saying that all other skincare products are “bad’, but when it comes to results, you
need to know the product is going to work for you and not against you. The same applies with
sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens aren’t ineffective, however physical sunscreens will provide
more protection based on its ingredients and ability to shield.

Don’t Forget

When you know you’re going to be outside for longer periods of time, make sure you reapply
your sunscreen every 2-3 hours to stay protected. And to take your protection a step further,
make sure you are wearing clothing that covers. Sun protective clothing (shirts and pants) are
extremely popular for swimming, hiking and gardening. Wide brimmed hats help to create a
larger spectrum of protection for your face, ears, shoulders, neck and chest. And don’t forget
about your eyes. Sun damage in the eyes is a thing! Invest in good quality sunglasses to
protect your eyes from the sun.

At Blume Skin and Body, we have a wide variety of sunscreen to keep you protected while you
walk the dog, go swimming, hike your favorite trail and even sitting at your desk at work next to
a window. The investment in proper sun protection is far less of an investment than going back
and forth to the dermatologist having countless biopsies and surgeries to fix what could have
been preventable.


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