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Cryotherapy is a non-surgical approach for getting rid of skin tags, warts, and blemishes like sunspots or age spots. If you want a quick treatment with long-lasting results, you may be the perfect candidate for cryotherapy.

What is Cryotherapy with CryoProbe®?

Cryotherapy is a cosmetic treatment that uses extremely cold temperatures (usually from liquid nitrogen) to freeze benign lesions, skin tags, and small warts. The CryoProbe® is a pen-like device that delivers the extreme cold to the treatment site with a more precise, less painful cryotherapy treatment. Nitrous oxide capsules are used instead of liquid nitrogen. Different-sized applicators can be used depending on the size of the treatment area so that the surrounding skin is not damaged.

Cryotherapy with CryoProbe® Benefits

  • Non-surgical skin tag and wart removal
  • Minimally painful
  • Achieve smooth, unblemished skin
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What to Expect

Cryotherapy treatment is recognized as a no-pain treatment with no preparation and no follow-up care required. By pointing the CryoProbe®’s micro-fine jet of nitrous oxide directly onto the lesion the application is accurate to the millimeter and treats only the abnormal tissue resulting in minor discomfort to the patient.

No anesthesia is necessary during Cryotherapy treatment. Because CryoProbe treatments are not unpleasant, the patient will allow for a longer and deeper freeze. This will result in more effective treatment with fewer repeat visits.

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Cryotherapy Results and Recovery

The precision CryoProbe® allows the clinician to be as accurate as possible, and the procedure requires virtually no downtime. However, it is common for the treated area to sting slightly and scab over after treatment. Cryotherapy rarely leaves scarring and even works on delicate areas, helping restore your confidence in your skin.

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At Blume Skin & Body, we rely on the latest and most effective medical technology for our patients. Cryotherapy is a safe and effective way to permanently get rid of warts and skin tags – a common skin concern that many people feel self-conscious about. Schedule a consultation with our skin experts by calling our office or filling out an online contact form.

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