Benefits of Chemical Peels

Posted on June 18, 2013 by Dr. Blume in Chemical Peels

Chemical peels have improved and are better than they used to be. The older thought was that the more aggressive we made the chemical peels, the better they worked and the quicker the results. Studies now show that you are better off maintaining a consistent and frequent schedule of light chemical peels with multiple acids rather than a deep chemical peel with 1 or 2 acids. Some of the benefits of chemical peels are to remove dead surface cells but also clean out pores, lighten pigmentation, soften fine lines, and help with acne. With our PCA peels like Ultra Peel 1, you will get similar results but with less downtime. Professional skin care products like PCA Skin Care used in conjunction with peels will only improve the long term results and will help illuminate the skin and keep it soft and supple in between PCA chemical peels.


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