Sweaty Armpits/Feet

Treatment Options

Everyone sweats but if you have excessive sweating that interferes with your daily life, you may have a condition called hyperhidrosis. Botulinum toxin products can temporarily alleviate excessive sweating so that you no longer have to worry about sweat stains and excessive sweat.

Muscle Definition

Treatment Options:

Tone and lift body tissues with these innovative body contouring technologies. With the right treatment, you can define your muscles and tighten the skin to enhance your body contours.

Eliminating Fat/Cellulite

Treatment Options;

Cellulite causes dimples in the skin that many women feel self-conscious about. Stubborn fat on all areas of the body can also be eliminated with this treatment to help you achieve a more toned appearance.

Unwanted Hair

Treatment Options:

If you’re tired of constantly waxing and shaving, you can permanently remove unwanted body hair almost anywhere on the body. This is also a safe treatment to remove hair on the upper lip, chin, and face.

Wrinkly Hands

Treatment Options

Wrinkles develop on all areas of the body as we age. If you feel self-conscious about the aged appearance of your hands, consider one of these dermal filler or laser treatments.


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