Less is More

Posted on May 01, 2017 by Dr. Blume in Blog

I have been reading articles in the cosmetic and plastic surgery journals that teach “new” and miraculous methods of treatment. I smile as I read these because I have been doing this for many years. Whether it is Juvéderm, Restyane, Botox, Dysport or other dermal fillers; I have always been conservative and used the “less is more” theory.

By treating the exact muscles and skin layers you accomplish more than simply adding more product. For example, treating the wrinkles between your eyes as well as the forehead, you need a little less for both. Too much in either place can deliver the frozen face. Placed properly and appropriately one can use less material and get a natural look. As a bonus, it also can be less costly.

You should choose someone for your injections that understands this anatomical relationship and can deliver the desired results with the correct amount of product. Sadly, there are injectors out there who inject the same amount in the same fashion every time, but that does not work for everyone. You can teach anyone to inject Botox, but it takes experience and anatomical knowledge to do it right.

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