Men and Skincare

Posted on November 18, 2021 by Dr. Blume in Articles

When it comes to men and skincare, the bare minimum is the motto that most men stand by. Much like their lifestyle, no-fuss wardrobe, simplified workouts, and 3-minute hair styles. But a splash of water in the morning and out the door isn’t enough for the everyday guy.

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated. But for many it can be confusing. Where to start? Which system is right for me? Woman tend to be more conscientious about their skin. Making sure they are cleansing properly, exfoliating weekly, hydrating, protecting and maintaining. For men, this is a whole other world. Here are a few recommendations for an easy skincare routine for men:

Instead of: Splashing with water or using bar soap in the morning or at night
Replace with: Cleansing with a milky cleanser (dry-combination skin) or a foaming cleanser (oily skin). Cleansing with bar soap or water alone won’t thoroughly cleanse away dirt, oil, or daily debris. This will cause unwanted oil build up and bacteria that can cause acne.

Instead of; No moisturizer in the morning
Replace with; Applying a light weight sunscreen. The daily use of sunscreen will not only keep the skin protected during the day, it will hydrate the skin and won’t trigger the sebaceous glands to over produce oil.

Instead of; Using a wash cloth to scrub the skin
Replace with; Using an exfoliating cleanser a few times a week

Instead of; Using aftershave
Replace with: Using an antioxidant serum or hyaluronic acid serum after shaving. This will properly replenish the hydration to the skin and help sooth after shaving.

Instead of: No moisturizer
Replace with: Using a light weight moisturizer before bed

Instead of: Using over the counter cleansing pads
Replace with; Use a medicated pre-moistened pad

Instead of: Using alcohol or witch hazel on breakouts
Replace with: Using a medicated treatment gel or retinol

One of the most important aspects of a skincare routine (especially men) is the daily use of sunscreen. It always seems to fall to the wayside. “I’ll only be outside for a little bit.” “I never get sunburn.” “I don’t like the way sunscreen feels on my skin.” This is understandable for both men and woman. Unfortunately, sunscreen typically isn’t on a man’s radar. The daily use of sunscreen not only helps to fight the early signs of aging, like fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. It helps to protect against precancerous and cancerous lesions.

Skin health doesn’t just stop at skincare products. There are a wide variety of skincare treatments to help maintain the appearance of the skin. Facial treatments and skin rejuvenation aren’t just for the ladies! Statistics show that men make up around 49% of the medical spa/skin rejuvenation clientele.

Ultherapy- Ultherapy is the perfect non-surgical option to help restore tightness, improve sagging, and to lift the skin.
Facials- Facials are a great maintenance treatment to help restore the skins moisture and keep the skin clear from blemishes.
Injectables (Botox, Xeomin and filler)- Injectables are wonderful to help add volume in areas it is lacking (filler). As well as decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time (toxin).
Laser- Laser therapy can help with a number of different skin conditions. Redness/broken vessels, Laser skin resurfacing for Acne Scars and Laser skin resurfacing for Sun Damage & Age Spots.

These are services that men are flocking towards to help treat and maintain their skincare goals.
Taking care of your skin has become a standard practice over the years. We get haircuts, we brush our teeth, we go to the doctor and the dentist, we take care of our skin. The largest organ on the human body is the skin, it is our shield, the protection of our organs, it deserves special care.


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