Photofractional Laser Treatment with Light Therapy In Scottsdale, AZ

Revive and improve your skin! Blume Skin & Body has an Erbium Laser by Lumenis called ResurFx. This erbium laser is fractional non-ablative skin resurfacing. Fractional lasers emit thousands of tiny micro-beams that injure a fraction of the skin. Non-ablative lasers create channels of heat into the skin that are invisible to the naked eye, but are strong enough to activate the skin’s wound response. This signals your skin’s cells to create collagen and elastin

Photofractional is a time saving treatment which addresses multiply issues in a single treatment. ResurFX, non-ablative erbium laser can be combined with an IPL photofacial for a photofractional treatment that addresses multiple skin concerns in one treatment. The Lumenis Photofractional laser is a complete skin rejuvenation solution, tailored to address even the early signs of aging. It offers noticeable results for pigmentation, age/sun spots, texture and overall skin appearance. PhotofractionalTM downtime is minimal, so you can get a “lunch time” treatment and return to your busy lifestyle. Risks of using a photofractional light for pigmentation and other issues may include redness and swelling. Consult your treatment provider regarding contraindications and risks.

Why Photofractional?

  • Tailored to address even the early signs of aging
  • Noticeable results for pigmentation, age/sun spots, texture and overall skin appearance
  • Experience minimal downtime in a “lunch-time” treatment and return to your busy lifestyle

What is it?

The Lumenis Photofractional laser treatment is a complete skin rejuvenation solution, enabling our certified laser technicians to offer you remarkable results on a range of skin aging concerns such as age and sun spots, vascular lesions, uneven texture and skin tone. Our unique photofractional laser rejuvenation technology includes two solutions, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and ResurFXTM non-ablative skin resurfacing, so that both skin tone and texture can be treated at the same session.

Is it right for me?

Lumenis® energy-based treatments are not suitable for everyone and carry some risks. PhotofractionalTM is not suitable when you have active infections, viral, fungal or bacterial diseases, inflammatory skin conditions or skin cancer.

Risks may include: redness, swelling, change in pigmentation or scarring. Be sure to consult with your treatment provider before choosing a photofractional laser treatment in Scottsdale, AZ.


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