JUVÉDERM® XC is the smooth gel filler that your doctor uses to instantly smooth away wrinkles around your mouth and nose. With just one treatment, you’ll get smooth and natural-looking results that last up to a year. *

JUVÉDERM® XC is manufactured using HYLACROSS™ technology, creating a smooth-consistency gel. It is infused with lidocaine to improve comfort during treatment. With JUVÉDERM® XC you get the smooth results you expect, with the improved comfort you want. *

Everyone will notice, but no one will know. *


Everyone’s skin ages differently and JUVÉDERM® XC may be used to rejuvenate multiple problem areas.* From smile lines to vertical lip lines, you can smooth away unwanted wrinkles and restore natural contours. Learn more about the individual treatment areas by rolling over the list below. Juvéderm XC can also be used for lip enhancement, cheeks and tear troughs, and fine lines. *

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* Results may vary from person to person

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JUVÉDERM® XC is the ONLY hyaluronic acid (HA) filler FDA approved* to last up to one year with one Juvéderm treatment (did we just say a year?). That’s right, up to a year. *


Not all HA dermal fillers are created equal. Only JUVÉDERM® is so smooth. Other hyaluronic acid fillers currently on the market are made of granular consistency gels, but our unique manufacturing process (HYLACROSS™) creates a smooth-consistency gel that flows easily into the skin and provides a smooth, natural look and feel—so everyone will notice (but no one will know)! Did we mention it’s more comfortable than previous JUVÉDERM® formulations? JUVÉDERM® XC injectable gel is now formulated with lidocaine, a common anesthetic used to improve the comfort of treatment.*


JUVÉDERM® injectable gel is the first FDA-approved hyaluronic acid dermal filler that has proven its safety and effectiveness in persons of color. Studies with JUVÉDERM® showed no increased risk of hyperpigmentation or hypertrophic scarring in patients of color. *


One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to wrinkle treatment. A customized Juvéderm treatment plan is important for achieving the best results. That’s why JUVÉDERM® XC is available in two formulations—JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC for versatility in contouring and volumizing facial wrinkles and folds, and JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus XC, a more robust formulation for volumizing and correcting deeper folds and facial wrinkles. This allows your healthcare professional to tailor Juvéderm treatments to meet your unique needs.

* Results may vary from person to person


Juvéderm Injectable Gel and Juvéderm side effects.

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All North Scottsdale Juvederm Injections are performed by our Expert Nurse Injectors. This is just one of many procedures and treatments offered at Blume Skin & Body. We also offer other services, such as BotoxRadiesse, IPL Photofacial Laser Treatment, and Fractionated Pixel.

Can I wear makeup after Juvederm?

Mineral make-up & Mineral sunscreen are ok. Otherwise, wait 24 hours.

Can juvederm be reversed?

Yes, Juvederm can be dissolved.

Can juvederm cause blindness?

It is a very rare side effect and is caused by improper injection technique

Can juvederm migrate?

Yes it can migrate but it is easily dissolved

Does juvederm dissolve over time?

Yes Juvederm does dissolve gradually but usually lasts up to 2 years

Does juvederm expand?

Some Juvederm are hydrophilic (which means they attract water) for plumpness

Does juvederm look natural?

With proper injection technique Juvederm is a very natural looking product

Does juvederm soften up?

Post injections there can be swelling that will reduce and the area will become soft and pliable

How long after Juvederm will I see results?


How long does Juvederm last?

Depending on the product it lasts 1-2 years

How many syringes of Juvederm do I need for marionette lines?

It is very patient dependent but usually 1-2 syringes

How much is a syringe of Juvederm?

Ranges from $675-$875

Is Juvederm covered by insurance?

No, it is a cosmetic treatment

Is Juvederm expensive?

There are cheaper fillers but the quality of Juvederm is worth the price

Is Juvederm lumpy at first?

Juvederm can appear lumpy but it is just swelling and it will smooth out over time

Is Juvederm safe to use?

Juvederm is hyaluronic acid that is naturally found in our skin & it is very safe to use

What to avoid after Juvederm injections?

In order to reduce swelling it is best to avoid exercise and alcohol for 24 hours

What to expect after Juvederm injections?

In some cases there can be some bruising and swelling but not necessarily

Whats better Juvederm or Restylane?

The products are very similar but we prefer Juvederm because it is made in the U.S. and the quality is consistent

Whats the difference between Botox and Juvederm?

Botox is a neurotoxin that is a muscle relaxer and Juvederm is a facial filler to replace lost volume or to enhance facial features