The Perfect Patient

Posted on September 28, 2011 by Dr. Blume in Skin Tips and Treatments

The perfect patient is not the one who spends the most money; it’s the one who leaves the office most satisfied. That’s the patient who returns regularly. Just like when I was in family practice, we don’t sell product we deliver service. Our patients are like friends and family. We know when a baby is born, a parent is sick; a vacation is planned, and other things about our patients other than acne scarring, pimples, Botox, and dermal fillers.
It is not unusual to spend a large amount of time with a patient to explain what it is we do, how things work and what is reasonably expected at The Blume Skin Centre. If I had to see a Botox or Juvederm patient every 15 minutes, I would go crazy. That is not enough time to really listen to patients, explain what all of the services are, and help them decide what they want. Anyone can do “walk-in Botox” for $8 per unit. I don’t do that and will not do that. After all, I am treating friends and family, developing new “friends” and providing value added service. We hope that is what you are looking for.


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