Brilliant Distinctions or Distinctly Brilliant?

Posted on September 15, 2011 by Dr. Blume in Botox

The Blume Skin Centre has embraced the Brilliant Distinctions Consumer Loyalty program offered by the makers of Botox, Juvederm and Latisse. Points are earned for every Botox or Juvederm treatment or Latisse purchase. Those points can be used to create a coupon that you can apply to future Botox or Juvederm treatments or Latisse purchase.

Patients are given a Welcome Packet explaining how to register for the program and how to manage their points.

I decided early on that our office could offer Brilliant Distinctions or better yet, we could be Distinctly Brilliant. I was curious about what I was asking our patients to do- how easy is registration? How do I get my points to use for treatments? I gathered up the registration form and logged on to create an account for myself. I did exactly what I “would” ask our patients to do…and made the immediate decision that in order to set our practice apart from all the other practices in Scottsdale, I was going to make the conscious decision to be Distinctly Brilliant.

Rather than ask them to register and manage their account, I began registering our patients while they were in the office. I explained the benefits of the program and made a commitment that I would always update their account so that they could utilize their points that very day. I also decided that I would keep track of various added discount programs offered by Allergan, such as the Duet Dividends Program or the Latisse Real Deal Rebate. By making the decision to be our patients’ advocate, I am able to offer immediate discounts ranging from $25 for a Botox treatment or an instant discount of $125 for a Juvederm and Botox treatment. No filling out forms. No printing up vouchers that are left at home on the counter. No more trying to remember passwords. No more expired points.

The Blume Skin Centre is proud of the fact that 100% of our patients are enrolled in Brilliant Distinctions, reaching our goal to be Distinctly Brilliant.


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