Skin Care – Product or Service?

Posted on September 09, 2011 by Dr. Blume in Botox

There are some who try to differentiate products from services in delivering skin care. I say it is all service. You can buy products for the skin at many places, yet the important thing to know is what to do with them. What kind you need, whether your skin is oily or dry, and when to apply them. Which product goes with another and how far apart do you use them. These are all questions that need answers beyond what product to buy. You may even be using the right product but applying it incorrectly.

The same is true for injections and lasers. I have been told that you can train anyone to inject Botox. If that is so, why do people continue to seek out an injector with experience and reliable results? Further, once you find someone you don’t want to change. It’s frequently the same with hair stylists – once you find that perfect person, you may travel a distance to get your hair cut because of the consistency of results. I do not agree that all injectors are the same, some are decidedly better than others. When a new client comes to my office, they will sometimes address the cost, stating that they can get it cheaper elsewhere. My response is always the same. “You are buying my service, the product comes for free.”

As for lasers, the quality of the laser COMBINED with the operator is the service you get. Not all lasers are equal in quality and the same for the person who delivers that service. The technician, nurse, or physician needs to understand what the laser was designed to do and add their own experience in the settings used for the desired results.

So, skin care is a service, not a product. Look for the best service and when you find it, stay there. We hope you find it here at the Blume Skin Centre.


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