Facial Contour



Facial Contour

Downturned Nose

Treatment Options:

If you are unhappy with the downturned appearance of your nose, you can achieve a subtle lift with fillers or injectables. This is sometimes called liquid rhinoplasty and it’s a great alternative to surgical nose surgery.

Double Chin

Treatment Options:

Excess fat under the chin is extremely common, even for individuals who are not overweight. You can sharpen your jawline and achieve a smooth facial contour by eliminating your double chin.

Deficient Chin

Treatment Options:

A weak chin or jawline is often a concern for men and women. Certain fillers can enhance the shape of your chin, creating a more defined structure that makes your lower face more proportionate.

Hooded Eyes

Treatment Options:

Many people have hooded eyes with excess skin and tissue covering a large portion of the eyelids. If you wish to open up the eyes and brighten your appearance, consider of these cosmetic treatment options.

Volume Loss

Treatment Options:

As the skin ages, collagen production decreases and the skin loses it’s elasticity, resulting in sagging or hollowed areas of the face. Plump and lift the skin for a naturally youthful appearance with these cosmetic treatments.


Treatment Options:

Jowls describe the sagging skin below the chin and along the jawline. They can create the appearance of a double chin or aged appearance that many patients find bothersome.


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