How do I Know if Microneedling or Laser is Right for Me?

Posted on July 27, 2021 by Dr. Blume in Blog

Microneedling and Laser Photofacial Treatments

You ask your friend for advice, and she’ll tell you her sister’s old room mate’s cousin did laser and she had great results, but she was  treating something totally different than what you are interested in. Then your favorite influencer you follow says to use a microneedling roller at home, and its just as good as getting a professional microneedling treatment. How do you know for sure if you should do Microneedling or Laser? While some advice may be a tad helpful, and others may be down right wrong.. *cough cough the microneedling roller*…. there’s always the right advice and it can be found right here!

You always want to make sure you are getting your facts and information from a licensed medical aesthetician. Not only are they trained accordingly in consulting on these treatments, they PERFORM the treatment on patients every day. The way I have consulted on microneedling vs laser, is sharing their similarities and differences. And also breaking down what each treatment does.

Microneedling is skin resurfacing treatment treatment that helps to minimize and even eliminate the appearance of acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, minor skin laxity, uneven texture and minor superficial hyperpigmentation. The process is creating a controlled injury to the skin by  making microscopic perpendicular perforations, at various depths into the skin (nothing you can see to the naked eye). Your skin then realizes it is injured. Proactively the skin then starts to create natural growth factors, collagen and strengthens its elasticity in its attempt to heal itself. Resulting in tighter, brighter, more even skin. Microneelding is fantastic for acne scaring (depending on the type of acne scar) because it helps to break down the scar tissue that accumulated over time.

There is even different types of microneedling treatments like Radio Frequency Microneedling. RF Microneedling can help with all of the above conditions mentioned earlier, the radio frequency has an amazing anti-aging aspect to it. The insulated needles sends high energy radio frequency waves throughout the skin, creating a controlled thermal injury that stimulates tightening and collagen.

Laser also comes in many different shapes, sizes and wave lengths. At Blume Skin and Body we are blessed to be able to offer both IPL and BBL laser treatments, with a variety of personalizations as well. Laser skin treatments help with acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, uneven texture and hyperpigmentation. Very similar to the microneedling! Since laser is a range of light waves and high intensity light, it has the ability to penetrate further down to the deeper levels of the skin typically where hyperpigmentation, deep wrinkles and sever acne scars live. Since BBL uses high intensity light waves, it can also help eliminate redness, broken capillaries and broken blood vessel’s.

So the take away on Microneedling VS Laser is:

Microneedling Laser

-Acne scars -Deeper acne scars

-Fine Lines and mild wrinkles-Fine lines and moderate wrinkles

-Collagen production-Deeper collagen production

-Minor skin laxity-Moderate skin laxity

-Minor hyperpigmentation-Moderate hyperpigmentation

-Improved texture-Improved texture

-Needs a series of treatments-Needs a series of treatments

Since Microneedling and Laser treatments have many similarities, it can be hard to decipher which is the best treatment for you! That’s where the power of the consultation comes in! Making sure you see a highly trained and skilled licensed medical aesthetician, to help point you in the right direction for your skincare needs and goals. Skincare is not a one size fits all. What works for some may not work for many. Microneedling and laser are NOT services you are going to want to skimp on, or use a Groupon/coupon for. At our medical office, we take pride in educating our patients with all the information they need to make the right decision for their skin. We want your treatment to go smoothly, as painless as possible and we want to see you GLOW with amazing results! Since there is so much misinformation out there, it’s imperative to put your face in the right hands, no pun intended!



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