Remember Hands and Neck

Posted on January 11, 2012 by Dr. Blume in Botox

You’ve had Botox injected (hopefully by a licensed and experienced injector) and may have had dermal fillers injected as well. Add Pixel CO2 and photofacial and your face looks refreshed and younger. But don’t forget to do the other fixes to accomplish your goals. It’s the hands, neck and décolleté that need to be done in order to finish what you started. What can you do in these areas?

The neck can be helped with photofacial and Pixel by reducing sun damage and fine lines. Botox is used for the neck as well and helps with “turkey neck”, that muscle which looks like a band from chin to neck. And don’t forget the horizontal neck lines that can easily be fixed with Botox.

The hands show changes at least as much as anywhere else and tend to give away our age even with excellent results on the face. This is so easy to fix. A combination of dermal filler, photofacial, and lesion removal with a Cryoprobe makes hands look young again.

Finally, the décolleté skin- folds and sun damage can be improved with a combination of photofacial, Sculptra injectable, and Pixel.

The bottom line is combination therapy of different products and procedures and your hands and neck now match the other areas so as not to give away your age. We can design a cost effective package that works on all these areas to make you look great.


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