Advanced Injector Physician uses Micro-Cannula

There is a new procedure for cosmetic injections that is being used by only select Advanced Injector Physicians. Using a Micro-Cannula causes less bruising, less swelling, and decreased pain than the typical needle procedure. This procedure delivers the same product to the target areas but without needles! The Micro-Cannula delivery system allows the dermal fillers to remain the same but the delivery process is unique. By injecting Juvederm XC, Radiesse, or Restylane through a small hole in the skin, there is a much less chance for bruising because the Micro-Cannula end is blunt, unlike a needle which is very sharp. At the end of the Micro-Cannula is a small hole on the side where the material is delivered. Because there is no sharp tip, blood vessels are less likely to be injected or nicked. In addition, without a needle there is much less pain. Dr Martin Blume, an Advanced Injector Physician, is one of a few that has spearheaded this revolutionary technique and The Blume Skin Centre patients are thrilled with the results.