My MonaLisa Touch Results

MonaLisa-Patient-Eblast_hero-300x260I just completed my third MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser treatment at Blume Skin & Body. My treatment was performed by Dr. Mary Romero, OB/GYN. Dr. Romero is also a state certified laser technician. She is very familiar with the female anatomy and understands the science behind the laser treatment.

After my treatment I noticed a significant improvement in my urinary stress incontinence. After my second treatment I gave my husband a survey to take on my laxity issue, he gave me five stars! I am looking forward to my final results. This is the first non-surgical treatment to improve vaginal health and urinary incontinence. This treatment has been performed in Europe and South America since 2008; the FDA approved the MonaLisa Touch in 2014. Blume Skin & Body is very fortunate to have added Dr. Romero and the MonaLisa Touch to our practice.