A New Beginning

Posted on August 27, 2011 by Dr. Blume in Blog

As a physician, becoming a serious patient is always difficult.  We know too much.  It is not like having a pimple or needing acne treatment.  Nor is it like having a cosmetic treatment where you are seeking healthy skin treatments.  Surgery is not for wimps!  I have never had surgery before so I decided to start with the king of surgeries – open heart!  It is surreal for a doctor to become a patient.  I was told I was a good patient and listened to the nurses and treating physicians.   Again, not always easy.   Even though I now treat only cosmetic skin conditions and have not treated medical conditions  for a few years, I remembered what it was like to see open heart surgery, having assisted at many of these procedures.    I was scared!

I knew it would be a long process and painful recovery.   I think that was the part that scared me most.  Luckily, as I had been told by others, I don’t remember the pain, only the inconvenience it created.  I had just restarted this new business after owning and managing Parkway for seven years.   I think being a patient has made me much more aware of what others have gone through and will go through during medical treatments.

I know my surgery has nothing to do with acne treatments, acne scars, or skin care.  Nonetheless, I have many long time patients/friends from the days of Parkway Medical Laser and Skin Centre who continued to call with best wishes and speedy recovery.    I want to thank you all and look forward to seeing you for many more years.

Martin Blume
The Blume Skin Center 


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