Benefits of a Thread Lift vs a Facelift

Posted on December 28, 2022 by Dr. Blume in Uncategorized

There are more options than ever for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. Although plastic surgery has traditionally been best for restoring a youthful look, many minimally-invasive alternatives are now available. If you’re considering a facelift, then you should know that the thread lift may be a great option instead. Here’s what to know about these two facial rejuvenation options and how you can benefit from our experts at Blume Skin & Body.

What Is A Thread Lift?

A thread lift is a type of anti-aging treatment that involves inserting specialized threads in the face and lifting them and the skin to a more upright position. There, the threads dissolve over time and stimulate new collagen production. The goal is to give you a younger-looking appearance without fine lines and mild sagging. Thread lift procedures are less invasive compared to traditional facelift surgery and focus on areas of the face prone to wrinkles. A thread lift can last for a couple of years with the right anti-aging regimen.

What Is A Facelift?

A facelift or rhytidectomy is a cosmetic surgery under anesthesia designed to restore sagging skin to a tighter, younger-looking appearance. A facelift is one of the most common forms of plastic surgery. It involves surgical removal of excess, sagging skin around the cheeks and jawline. It also lifts and restores the sagging tissues under the skin like muscles and fat pads. It requires up to 6 months to fully recover but it can produce results that last 5-10years.

The Difference Between the Facelift and Thread Lifts

Whereas a facelift involves surgery with general anesthesia, a thread lift uses less invasive medical-grade threading to restore the skin to a smoother, more upright position. While the thread lift comes with less downtime, it’s only effective for patients who have mild to moderate signs of aging. For more substantial sagging and excess skin, a facelift might be required.

Do I Need a Facelift or a Thread Lift?

If you have moderate aging signs and want to avoid surgery, then thread lifts can be an effective option. Our team can even help you put together a complete anti-aging regimen to support your results and put off the need for a facelift for years to come.

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