Holidays and your skin

Posted on November 21, 2011 by Dr. Blume in Botox

Everything is affected during the holidays. Certainly our budgets and lack thereof! Visitors are abundant. But it is easy to stay healthy and retain healthy skin during this time. Eat what you like but observe portion control. Although you need to keep up your skin care regimen with products, here are other tips that will help your skin as well.
It goes without saying that drinking alcohol does not go along with driving, but note that alcohol also decreases hydration. Since the skin is mostly comprised of water, dehydration is unhealthy for proper skin care with that “glow” that you want. Even though it is not as hot as summer, the sun it is still present the majority of days – and very strong. So, continue drinking plenty of water.
During the holidays we tend to spend more time outdoors. Visitors want to take advantage of the sunshine, especially those who come from cold and wet locations. Because it is not as hot as summer, we easily forget that the sun is still quite strong. It’s important to wear sunblock daily and re-apply as often as every 2-3 hours. This is especially true when you are having facials, peels, and other procedures in order to protect the exfoliated skin. Antioxidant products help keep skin in good condition.
Dermal fillers and Botox during the holidays should be administered in plenty of time before any party or event you have coming up, so book well in advance to get the best effect. These cosmetic procedures will help you look better and in turn feel better about yourself.
From The Blume Skin Centre we wish you a healthy, safe, and happy holiday season.


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