The PDO Threads are made of a material called Polydioxanone (PDO). PDO has a safety track record in surgery and wound closure that is over a decade-long. PDO threads gained FDA approval in 2004.

Through collagen stimulation the PDO threads can very effectively strengthen the contour of the face, reduce roundness, lift sagging skin in the cheeks, jowls, neck, enhance lips volume and also produce an excellent eyebrow lift.*


A thread lift procedure is a minimally invasive way to experience some of the benefits of a facelift without having to undergo surgery. Fill wrinkles and lift the skin to transform your appearance! This procedure gets results by stimulating the body’s natural healing processes to improve skin texture and firmness, all through an advanced aesthetic treatment that instantly tightens and lifts the skin on your face and body.

Here’s how it works: We insert collagen threads in the face, which grab hold of the skin and then pull it back to create a tighter, younger-looking appearance. In the thread lift, you essentially get an automatic jumpstart on turning back the clock — with a short, in-office procedure that requires minimal downtime. Anyone who is experiencing mild to moderate facial/neck sagginess, wrinkles or lines can benefit from the collagen threads facelift. Talk to us anytime to learn more. Call to schedule a consultation with our expert injectors.

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* Results may vary from person to person.

HOW DOES THE TREATMENT WORK? It redefines facial contours and induces collagen production creating a temporary lifting effect that lasts for up to 12 months.* Due to collagen synthesis the PDO threads will form an integrated support structure for facial tissues. The stimulation effect reaches its peak 3 months later when collagen is formed around the threads.*

WHICH AREAS CAN BE TREATED? • Upper and lower cheeks • Forehead (brow lift) • Jawline • Neck • Lips • Smoker’s lines • Nasolabial folds • Marionette lines • Arms • Thighs • Abdomen • Buttock • Decolleté

WHAT HAPPENS DURING TREATMENT? A local anesthetic can be injected into entry points for comfort. The PDO threads will then be introduced using a needle or a cannula in the area to be treated. Your face will feel numb and your mouth may be asymmetrical for a few hours, similar to those effects felt after dental injections. Please refrain from chewing or drinking hot liquids until your face has regained full sensation. You will be able to fully resume your everyday routine and social commitments within a couple of days. When you combine PDO Thread treatment with Fillers and Botox great results can be achieved.*

WHEN WILL I START SEEING RESULTS? There is an immediate improvement seen after treatment in a visible lift or glow in the areas treated. This will improve over a period of 1-2 months as new collagen grows between the threads and gives further lift and tightening to the skin. The PDO threads gradually dissolve after about 4-6 months, but the resulting lift/skin tightening remains for another 6 to 12 months.*

HOW LONG DOES THE TREATMENT TAKE? Treatment time depends on many factors and size of treatment area, but can take between 15 to 50 minutes. As there are no incisions, stitches are not required and scarring is unlikely.*

WHY CHOOSE BLUME SKIN & BODY? When it comes to a thread lift in Scottsdale, Blume Skin & Body is your best resource. At our clinic, we strive to enhance our clients' natural beauty and achieve the look you've always wanted. Feel younger, more attractive and more confident than ever before! Through our thread lifts, we provide a great solution for tightening the face and improving your appearance. Blume Skin & Body expert injectors have completed advanced PDO thread training.

On top of that, our experts in cosmetic skin treatment procedures are committed to personalized care, so you can expect us to make your thread facelift as comfortable as possible. Come to us for the best in cosmetic skin procedures of all kinds.

* Results may vary from person to person

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