Preserving Your Post-Body Contouring Transformation: What to Know

Posted on December 22, 2023 by Dr. Blume in CoolSculpting

Body contouring is one of the most popular procedures for people who want to make improvements in their overall appearance. For example, one of our most popular options, CoolSculpting, can remove nearly 25% of your body fat in each treated area! Since body contouring procedures alter the physical structure of your body, the results can also be permanent when you are careful to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan. Making sure that your body transformation lasts is as simple as knowing what to do in the days and weeks following your procedure.

Understand the Initial Recovery Phase

After your body contouring treatment, you can begin preserving the results immediately. With our non-surgical body contouring options, you can enjoy little to no downtime. While you’ll be able to return to your normal activities once you go home, you will want to follow your med spa provider’s aftercare instructions that are designed for the specific body contouring treatment you enjoyed.

Make Lifestyle Adjustments for Long-Term Success

Body contouring serves as a jumpstart for achieving more self-confidence and happiness with your physique. Once your body’s contour fits your preferences, you’ll be ready to commit to living a healthier lifestyle that preserves the results.

You can start by planning a healthy diet that includes eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll also want to consult with your care provider to create an exercise plan that fits your needs. Even taking a daily walk can help to burn calories and maintain your contoured body shape.

While eating right and exercising is important, you’ll also want to know that protecting your skin from the sun’s UV rays can also help to retain the tautness that contouring creates. UV rays can wreak havoc on your skin’s elasticity, but this is easily preventable by wearing sunscreen and avoiding spending too much time in direct sunlight.

Attend Follow-Up Appointments and Seek Expert Guidance

Depending upon the type of body contouring treatment you plan, you may need follow-up appointments to check on your healing. With non-surgical forms of contouring, you may not need to check on incision or drainage sites, which speeds up your healing. But, you might still want to talk to your med spa team to find out if you need additional treatments to achieve the body of your dreams.

If you have a question at any point during your contouring journey, then you’ll also want to reach out for help. Talking to an expert in body contouring procedures ensures that you enjoy a healthy recovery.

Start Planning Your Body Makeover Today

Everyone deserves to love their body, and body contouring can help to eliminate those trouble areas that develop over time. Whether you’re concerned about excess fat deposits or sagging skin due to aging, pregnancy, or basic genetics, schedule a consultation with Blume Skin & Body today to begin your body transformation.


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