Firming eye contour care

Eye skin science in a golden gel of enveloping care, V-Firm Eye combats droopy eyelids, under-eye creasing and sunken eyes with targeted hydration and cell strengthening actions to firm the delicate eye contour for a vibrant, youthful regard.


Firmness & contour corrector

Biomimetic efficiency in a milky veil of comfort, this serum fortifies dermis architecture to help restore lost volume, improve elasticity and tone sagging skin for a firmer face contour and bounce.


Densifying face cream

An envelope of cocooning comfort and biocompatible ingredients, V-Firm Cream strengthens the skin’s natural barrier for a regain in dermal density and shapely face contour.

Body 24 Hour

Penetrates in an instant to provide intense hydration that lasts all day. Soothes discomfort and tightness.

Clarifying Infusion

This instantly penetrating serum contains a clarifying complex and glycolic acid which work together to target the complexion’s wellbeing.

Deto2x Pack

DETO2X PACK transforms the skin in just 10 minutes, with a fun and sensorial application.

Elixir Bee Serum Majesteux Vos Yeux

Vos Yeux serum fights against sagging eyelids and under-eye wrinkles, for an overall anti-aging product.

Elixir Creme Merveilleuse

The blend of anti-aging sturgeon DNA and 3 minerals unveils unedited glow, smooths, plumps and unifies the skin’s texture.

Elixir Fluide Merveilleuse

Infused with 3 marine minerals, it revives radiance and boosts the anti-aging benefits of sturgeon DNA.

Elixir Serum Precieux Votra Visage

This instantly lifting serum has a fine, silky texture that reveals a smoother complexion with visibly firmer, toned skin

Elixir Vos Yeux

This ultra-concentrated cream visibly rejuvenates eyes by smoothing and fighting puffiness and dark circles.

Elixir Votre Visage

Its fine, silky cream texture offers a radiant complexion overnight.
A velvet caress that smooths, firms and tones skin, visibly hydrating and regenerating it.

Face Exfoliant

Face Exfoliant combines an ultra-creamy texture with cellulose microparticles to gently remove impurities and dead cells and refine skin texture.

Fluid Falls

This bountiful fluid cream dissolves the heaviest of makeup, cleanses and soothes the skin in the blink of an eye.

Hydra3 Eye Cream

3 benefits: hydration, dark circles reduction and anti-aging effect. 3 actions in a powerful innovative complex: the Valmont-exclusive Polymatrix DNA.

Hydra3 Regenetic Cream

This cream optimizes the production of hyaluronic acid, essential for plump skin. It hydrates intensely and forms a nourishing veil, locking in moisture.

Hydra3 Regenetic Serum

This serum provides hydration on 3 dimensions: it tightens the features, intensely hydrates, and promotes the skin's natural production of hyaluronic acid.

Icy Falls

A break from everyday stress! This amazing transforming texture removes makeup with a fresh, velvety caress.

Illuminating Foamer

Dull skin is expertly illuminated with this cleansing gel as its delicate foam texture purifies the face. Skin is left glowing with an even complexion.

Illuminating Toner

This unifying and illuminating lotion completes the cleansing ritual. It provides progressive exfoliation by eliminating dead cells.

Primary Veil

Health and well-being are beauty's greatest enhancers. This milky emulsion immediately refreshes and soothes irritated skin.

Prime 24 Hour

An unbeatable source of energy, this multi-purpose cream hydrates, energizes and smooths the skin. Protects against the first signs of aging

Prime Lip Repair

This lip treatment fights against aging, by smoothing and repairing wrinkled or chapped lips, and boosting volume.

Prime Regenera II

The regenerative cosmetic butter! This ultra-rich balm intensely repairs and nourishes the skin with lasting effects.

Prime Renewing Pack

With a fine, cream-like texture, the Prime Renewing Pack mask erases signs of aging, fatigue and fine lines in just minutes.

Priming with a Hydrating Fluid

A gentle awakening! This mist brings instant hydration to the face and body through microdiffusion. 

V-Line Lifting Concentrate

This serum sculpts skin with proven anti-wrinkle ingredients and the latest research innovations.

V-Line Lifting Cream

This anti-wrinkle cream tightens the skin and reduces expression lines and deep wrinkles. It's cellular cosmetics for a facelift minus the surgery.

V-Line Lifting Eye Cream

This cream fights against fine lines and wrinkles for long term effect, while minimizing puffiness.

V-Neck Cream

V-Neck Cream focuses on the neck and décolletage, correcting fine lines and wrinkles and re-densifying the skin.

V-Shape Filling Concentrate

A densifying concentrate for sagging skin, it redraws the contours and restores volume for a youthful, toned face.

V-Shape Filling Cream

This ultra-densifying cream fights sagging skin, firming the face and neck, and revealing toned and visibly younger looking skin.

Wonder Falls

This luscious cream soothes while removing makeup from the barest of faces to the most heavily made up.