A constant innovator, the company draws inspiration from latest cosmetic cellular findings to offer utmost anti-aging products with visible and long lasting efficacy. Patented Triple DNA, liposomed RNA and DNA, Glacial Spring Water and pure plant extracts are the key ingredients used for their unequalled hydration, regeneration and cellular reactivation properties. Blume Skin and Body carries all Valmont face products in the office. 

The richness of Switzerland’s natural resources:

Glacial Spring Water

Pure, soft and perfectly balanced. Its ideal composition in minerals encourages tissue exchanges, revitalizes the cellular metabolism and stimulates the skin’s natural defense system.

Phyto Alpine Garden

Valmont’s unique Phyto-Alpine garden is located at the heart of Swiss Alps in the village of Vens. Under pure and controlled environment, Valmont cultivates 8 plants (Rosa Moschata, Sea Buckthorn, Echinacea, Mallow, Marigold, Nettles, White Lupine and Dill) selected for their effects on the skin. Collaborating with leading Swiss Experts: MEDIPLANT for the selection of plant species, VALPLANTES for the cultivation and ALPAFLOR for the purest extraction, Valmont ensures total quality control of the extracts that will be incorporated into the products.



Icy Falls

For light to moderate makeup. Suitable for all skin, particularly dehydrated skin.

A burst of freshness that perfectly removes makeup. A gorgeous transforming texture that envelops the skin and leaves the complexion clean and glowing.

Wonder Falls

For moderate to heavy makeup. Suitable for all skin, particularly dry skin.

A rich veil of comfort that melts into the skin to remove all kinds of makeup. A sensory cream that morphs into an oil during a relaxing face massage.


Use weekly to maintain soft skin and cell renewal.
Suited to all skin types, even fragile skin.
Particularly recommended for irregular skin texture.

An ultra-creamy texture, and micro-particles for the most gentle exfoliation.

Exfoliation with the greatest feeling of comfort even for sensitive skin.

Bubble Falls

Suitable for all skin, particularly combination skin.

A cloud of purity! The light and fluffy texture lifts all dirt and grime residues from the skin leaving an intense feeling of cleanliness and comfort. A bubble bath for the face!


For all types of eye makeup.

Instantly and perfectly removes heavy or waterproof makeup while balancing the skin’s microbiome.

Does not leave a greasy feel to the skin.

Vital Falls

To be applied systematically to the face following contact with water and to perfect makeup removal. Suited to all skin types, even fragile skin.

A staple product for a complete cleansing routine.

A vital product to be used every time the skin has been in contact with tap water.


For light makeup. Suitable for all skin, particularly sensitive skin.

In an instant, this water perfectly cleanses, and soothes the skin wearing light makeup.

Leaves a clean, and soft skin without rinsing.

Fluid Falls

For moderate to heavy makeup. Suitable for all skin, particularly dry skin.

A creamy, and rich milk for a perfect elimination of all kinds of makeup.


A toner that instantly brightens the skin, and gradually removes the dead skin cells that dull the complexion. Day after day the skin is brighter, and softer.


Enjoy the experience of Magicien du Temps anti-aging expertise with Valmont essentials in a routine set.


A clarifying foamer for dull complexions, and blemished skin. Leaves a purified, and clear complexion.



A rich and creamy texture that smoothes out wrinkles and lifts the eye contour while reducing the appearance of under eye puffiness and dark circles.


This gel-cream serum glides on the skin and blends in smoothly providing an ageless appearance. Lines and wrinkles are progressively smoothed.


An essential care to reduce de look of lines and wrinkles on the face. This unique breakthrough formula reduces the look of deep-set wrinkles and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles . Its firm yet melting texture provides a long-lasting


As rich as a balm and as light as a gel. This highly concentrated sculpting and firming balm replenishes skin’s volume around the delicate eye area and works on undesired puffiness.


Rich and creamy, this sculpting serum helps transform skin, addressing the look of sagging skin. It enhances face volumes.


The perfect cream to achieve the ideal V-shaped face contour. Enhancing face volumes, this compact yet lightweight cream leaves a younger looking and firmer skin.


Upon contact with water, this iridescent creamy gel produces a delicate and intensely purifying foam. The skin gradually takes on a new radiance; the complexion is visibly clearer and purer.


This lotion unifies and illuminates the skin. It is a must-have for those seeking to perfect their cleansing ritual. With a formula rich in active ingredients, it is ideal for rounding out the care routine, optimizing the effectiveness of the treatments to follow and leaving the skin soft and supple.


This fine and light cream was specifically designed to prevent the signs of skin ageing on the neck and décolleté. The fragile skin of these areas requires particular and adapted skin care to be protected, strengthened and provided with the nourishment needed to regain tone and vitality. Rich in Triple DNA, RNA and Peptides+, Prime Neck is also composed of a lipoamino derivative which struggles against cutaneous sagging. The skin appears firmer, as if re-stretched.



This gel-serum with exceptional glide-on power instantly quenches even the thirstiest skin. Its fine texture also improves the texture of the skin. Highly enriched in PHA (Precursor of Hyaluronic Acid), this hydration-activating concentrate works throughout the night to encourage the resynthesis of hyaluronic acid, helping restore the foundations of the skin so they gradually distill water to the surface. With regular application, the skin regains optimum moisture levels and greater density. This exceptional serum delivers both immediate effectiveness and long-lasting anti-aging hydrating performance.