The Valmont Collagen Facial combines serenity, harmony and beauty. This luxurious facial encourages optimum stress relief and relaxation. The precise sequence of strokes reactivates surface micro-circulation, promoting lymphatic drainage (facilitating the elimination of biological toxins) and, as a result, increases skin receptivity.

During this treatment, skin is regenerated, brightened, and firmed. An essential treatment for tired, devitalized skin. A true beauty booster, this treatment stimulates both skin vitality and cell renewal, two factors in skin health that wane with time.

The treatment is completed with Valmont’s exclusive collagen face and neck mask. This skin firming, 100% collagen mask is like a biological face-lift. It provides immediately visible results.Thanks to its combination of active ingredients, it helps reactivate the skin’s deficient natural functions. From the very first application, the appearance of the upper layers of the skin is visibly and lastingly improved. Skin instantly recovers its natural resilience, suppleness and radiance.

After the treatment, the complexion is fresher and brighter, features are relaxed, and the face displays a unique fullness.