What is Xeomin®?

FDA Approved. Clinically Proven.

Frown lines form when facial expressions are made as the muscle under the skin contracts. Over time, as your skin ages, these repeated expressions cause lasting frown lines. Neurotoxins, such as XEOMIN, are prescription medications that block the release of chemicals that cause these muscle contractions so frown lines are softened.

State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing Process

XEOMIN is made through a unique precision manufacturing process that isolates the therapeutic component of the molecule and removes the accessory proteins that don't play an active role in treatment. XEOMIN is a highy purified neurotoxin.


See the Results:

AGE 44

"People started asking me if I was ok. I mean I'm usually a happy person, life of the party, but I knew what they meant. It was my frown lines! They made me look worried, upset. I'd wanted to do something about them for a while but was... nervous. I'd seen women who were...well, overdone, unnatural looking. So, I did my homework and selected a great physician. She helped me find and administered a treatment that was right for me... she suggested that XEOMIN® would be a good option and it was just what I wanted. I love the way I look."


AGE 44

"My frown lines had reached the point of making me look... very serious but I didn't want it to be too obvious that I'd had treatment. I wanted my frown lines smoothed but I didn't want it to look unnatural. So my physician suggested XEOMIN® and I'm very happy with the results. Just what I was looking for. I have more confidence that my appearance reflects my mood. Especially at work. Nobody thinks I'm stressed all the time, like they did before."

* Results may vary from person to person.

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XEOMIN® (incobotulinumtoxinA) is approved for the temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe glabellar lines, or frown lines between the eyebrows. Our expert Nurse Injectors have extensive training injecting Xeomin.