The Heat Is On!

Posted on April 16, 2012 by Dr. Blume in Chemical Peels

Those of us who live in Arizona have a Love-Hate relationship with the sun. Love the warm pool weather. Love having the breeze from open windows in the evening. Love the bright, airy clothing and flip flops. However, we hate the damage the sun does to our skin. Hate the wrinkles we get from squinting when it gets too bright out. Hate the dark mascara circles we get under our eyes after a lazy day swimming.

Whether we love or hate the heat, it is a simple fact for us Arizona dwellers. Many of us wonder what are the best skincare products for summer use? What should I use for extremely dry skin? How do I get rid of oily skin? What are my skin treatment options? The answers to many of these questions are as simple as scheduling a consultation with our Medical Aesthetician, Sandra Caldwell. With years of experience, Sandra will educate you in depth on the benefits of facial rejuvenation treatments for healthy, glowing summer skin. A simple switch to cleansers for oily skin. A rich nourishing moisturizer for itchy dry skin. Sensitive skin? Sandra has the answers and can recommend products from our wide variety of lines- PCA, AVENE, Neocutis, iS Clinical, Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup, Advanced Mineral Makeup, and many more.

Take the time to learn about summer skincare options. The heat is on.


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